The Newport Folk Festival in Newport, RI

Applebee's Grill and Bar, Bellbrook, OH

Applebee's Grill and Bar, Kettering, OH

We Care Arts - Kettering, OH

The Green Nature Cafe - Clayton, OH

The Greek Isle and Deli - Dayton, OH

The Bistro Restaurant - Oakwood, OH

Rauch Family "Backyard Concert" - Bellbrook, OH

Caesar Creek Flea Market - Wilmington, OH

Treasure Aisles Flea Market - Warren, OH

Penny Lane Art Gallery and Coffee Shop

Waynesville 2nd Street Market - Waynesville, OH

St. Francis of Assisi Music Fest - Bellbrook, OH

Sam's Bar and Grill - Dayton, OH

Angie's Restaurant - Dayton, OH

St. Leonard's Retirement Community, Dayton, OH

Oregon Express, Dayton, OH

BellHOP Cafe, Bellbrook, OH

Caesar Creek Flea Market, Wilmington, OH

Canal Street Tavern, Dayton, OH

Dominique's Bistro and Bar, Oakwood, OH

The Greek Isle Deli, OH

StoryPoint Senior Living, Troy, OH

10 Wilmington Place Retirement Community, Dayton, OH

Expressions Coffee House, Fairborn, OH

Fairborn Senior Center, Fairborn, OH

Gameday Grille & Patio, Waynesville, OH

JD Legends, Franklin, OH

Murphy's Irish Pub & Grille, Centerville, OH

Trinity Home Senior Center, Dayton, OH

Plain Folk Cafe, Pleasant Plain, OH

Romer's Bar and Grill, OH

Submarine House, Centerville, OH

Sugarcreek Township Farmers Market, Centerville, OH

Shiloh Farmers Market, Dayton, OH

Treasure Aisles Flea Market, Monroe, OH

We Care Arts, Kettering, OH

X*ACT Whistle Stop Theater, Xenia, OH

...and many more



Performing for senior citizens at retirement communities or assisted living facilities is something I enjoy very much. 

  1. My fee for a 45-60 minute performance is $100.00. Am willing to work with your budget

  2. If you are satisfied with my performance and would like to set up recurring monthly appearances I am willing to offer a reduced rate to earn your business

  3. Rates vary based on the distance I have to travel to perform at your community.


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Original Songs

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One of my most enjoyable experiences as a singer-songwriter and one-man band is performing at house concerts. I get the opportunity to share a meal with the guests the host household invite to my performance. If all goes well and everyone leaves happy and satisfied, we can make it an annual or semi-annual occurrence.


Here are the steps the host agrees to take for this family-friendly get together


  1. Hold a potluck dinner and invite as many family members, relatives, and friends as you feel you can accommodate at your residence. Everyone attending should bring a dish to share. Ten to twenty guests is usually the norm. 

  2. Guarantee a minimum of 10 guests will be attendance.

  3. We (the host (s) and I agree that I will play one or two 45 minute music sets.

  4. Let each guest know that a  $20.00 donation to my tip jar is expected (as compensation for my services). Any additional money they wish to donate is certainly welcomed but not required.

  5. If you, the host, prefer to work out a payment with me on your own, that’s certainly something we can negotiate.

  6. In some cases, the host agrees to put me up for the night, especially if I’ve traveled a long distance to make an appearance.

  7. Testimonials/reviews from guests are highly encouraged and I will post them on my webpage. 

Stay tuned!